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Skiing & Snowboarding

Hakuba is a small village that sits in the folds of the Northern Alps in Japan’s Nagano prefecture. The village is dwarfed by the range of 3000m peaks surrounding it. It is one of the most beautiful places in Japan. There are 12 varied resorts, over 200 runs, an average of 12m of beautiful Powder a season and unlimited untouched backcountry. These are just some of the reasons to come to Hakuba.

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Tsugaike Tree skiing

When to Come to Hakuba

The ski & snowboard season in Hakuba is a long one, beginning as soon as there`s adequate snow coverage, typically towards the end of November, & continuing right through the Japanese “Golden Week” holiday the first week of May.

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Hakuba Snow Forecast and Conditions

View detailed Hakuba Snow Forecast for Happo One at: snow-forecast.com When to Come to Hakuba The season in Hakuba lasts from the beginning of December till the second week of May although four years ago we were riding bottomless powder for the whole of November. There are usually consistent powder conditions from mid December to… Read more »

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The Resorts

Happo One Lifts 33 Runs 30% Beginner 50% Intermediate 20% Expert Longest run 8km Steepest run 38 Elevation base 760m Top 1831m Night skiing Yes Happo Website From the lodge a 5-minute walk or a 1-minute free shuttle bus. Beginners Beginners can start in either the Sakka area to the right of the photo, the Shirakaba… Read more »

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Hakuba Lift Ticket

The Hakuba Valley has taken a big step forward with its new Hakuba Lift Ticket system. You can now purchase an All-Valley Discount lift Ticket that joins together all 11 of Hakuba Valley`s ski resorts….creating Japan’s biggest & best snow resort. The new automated Hakuba Lift ticket & gate system means you only need one ticket… Read more »

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Rentals and Lessons

Rentals We recommend Central snow sports for all your ski rental needs. They have great gear at competitive prices and fantastic service. They will pick you up at your accommodation, bring you down to the shop, fit you out and then bring you back to the lodge or you can go straight out skiing and… Read more »

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Hakuba Goryu Deep Powder


The Backcountry in Hakuba is endless and is probably the reason why I ended falling in love with Hakuba. From cruisy long faces peppered with perfectly spaced glades of birch to big open alpine bowls. Narrow steep chutes with over a km of vertical to endless rolling natural fun parks with cornice drops, cliffs, natural half-pipes, rollers and hits galore.

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Morino Whitecap Backcountry Tours

 [royalslider id=”22″] HAKUBA & MYOKO BACKCOUNTRY GUIDING Hakuba & Myoko Backcountry Tours –Morino Lodge partners with one of Canada’s finest backcountry skiing operators, Whitecap Alpine, offering the best backcountry guiding service in both Hakuba and Myoko. With our local knowledge & Whitecap’s fully certified & professional guides, we deliver a backcountry experience in Japan that is nothing short of exceptional…. Read more »

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Hakuba beginners and Intermediate

Beginners and Intermediates

Beginners are well catered for in Hakuba. The Sakka area of Happo is a short walk from the lodge and provides a perfect place to learn. There is also a roped off kiddies fun area where kids can safely toboggan or ride inner tubes. All the mountains in Hakuba have beginner areas.

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Hakuba 47 Park


Hakuba has some great parks. The best is right next to us at Happo, but there are also great parks at Hakuba 47, Tsugaike and Yanaba

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Hakuba Snowshoeing

Cross-country Skiing and Snowshoeing

Cross-country Skiing Host of the Nagano Olympics’ Cross-country events, Hakuba has four courses to select from for the nordically inclined from early December through late March.

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