Food and Drinks at the Lodge

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A continental style breakfast is served from 7:00am till 9:30 downstairs in the lounge. Help yourself to cereal, toast, fresh fruit, yogurt, and other selected items along with a variety of juices, teas and coffee. Homemade muffins are available most days while pancakes with maple syrup are served on some.

Wednesday Night Nabe Party

Every Wednesday night customers are welcome to join us for a nabe party at the lodge. The word “nabe” means “bowl” or in this case several big clay cooking pots in which a variety of vegetables, seafood, meat, tofu and noodles simmer in delicious and healthy broths perfect for winter nights.

The stew is cooked on the table with the diners seated around it while more ingredients are successively added to the pot. Nabe parties are social events and considered by the Japanese a great way to form good relations.

**If you want in try to let us know by Wednesday morning**

**The cost is 3000yen/adult including wine (2000yen for kids)**


With the purchase of our new super deluxe cappuccino machine, we may have the best coffee in Hakuba!

Cinnamon Lattes, frothy Cappuccinos, or steamed Hot Chocolates, to name just a few of the items available, just ask one of the staff and we’ll have one ready for you in no time!

Espresso = 300yen
Americano = 300yen
Coffee Crema = 300yen
Cappuccino = 400yen
Latte = 400yen
Steamed Hot Chocolate = 400yen

Beer, juice and tea are available from the vending machine in the entrance.

We also have bottles of import wine and local Sake available for purchase. Just ask!

**If you have any suggestions about food or drinks you’d like available at the lodge, let us know!!**


Hakuba has three grocery stores and someone from the lodge makes a trip down almost every day. So if you wanna come, just ask one of us and we’ll work out a time. We usually go in the evening after skiing of course.

For snacks, there are a couple convenience stores nearby. The Lawsons near the Happo bus terminal has the best selection. There’s also the Yamazaki 100 meters past the Happo Gondola.